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Level Up Chiropractic was established in 2014 by Dr. Ryan Earnhart, D.C. Level Up Chiropractic was founded with the primary goals of glorifying God and improving whatever community we are called to serve. Dr. Earnhart, D.C. is a graduate of

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Level Up Chiropractic is located at 11 Skyview Dr. in Anderson, IN 46017. We’re on 32 between Anderson and Chesterfield across the street from the airport. If you are coming from Anderson we’ll be on the left and if you

Educational Materials

Information on stretches, exercises, and other home care! Scroll to the bottom to see all our topics.       Using Heat and Ice at Home This is a chart showing different regions of the body with maximum time intervals

Go out and have some fun with your friends this weekend while it's a little bit warmer.
And don't worry if you don't look EXACTLY like everyone else in your group. You may just end up looking silly if you try to dress up like them anyway. 🤣

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It's ok if you come to the office not knowing exactly what caused your problem, but we'd like to help you investigate so it doesn't come back more often than necessary. And sometimes you may think we're a little crazy asking about other areas that don't seem to be bothering you, but we've seen things like ankles that were pain-free causing headaches.

Even teachers need pointers on bio-mechanics.

If you are a new patient we'll be asking you a number of questions to make sure we are on the same page and able to take care of you as safely and effectively as possible. We may also repeat what you say back to make sure we aren't putting words in your mouth. So please be patient with us on your first visit so we can start off on the right foot with your care plan.

Some of us are more acclimated or adaptable to cold weather than others. 🤣☃️
But either way, an achy back or bad ankle can make walking through ice and snow a lot more dangerous. Come in so we can help you steady your footing through whatever blizzard you find yourself in.

Some things can seem more complicated and difficult than they actually are. We try and make everything we say in the office as easy to understand as possible, we'll even try and explain to you what other doctors have said that doesn't make much sense to you.
So always feel free to ask us to repeat or explain things again in the office if you aren't sure about anything. Also feel free to ask questions over the phone during our office hours.

5.00 Average  22 Reviews
Level Up Chiropractic
Love the doctor here he's amazing. Walked in not being able to hardly walk and after two days of treatment I can stand up straight. Will not hesitate to return to this location.
Level Up Chiropractic
Awesome place Friendly Chiropractor!
Level Up Chiropractic
Level Up Chiropractic
Yesterday I went in with hip pain and my trapezius muscle was on FIRE! After evaluation he worked to get my legs the same length and then felt my neck/trap and said What have you done?? It's all grisley! (Which is why I screamed when he touched them) after popping my neck, no relief but he didn't give up did a manipulation I have never had and instantly I could feel relief!!! Didn't hear it but felt it, like blood flowing back into the area. MY PAIN WAS INSTANTLY GONE!! I was totally AMAZED! Still today no pain. To think I had a sleepless night due to being uncomfortable with this I now know as soon as I feel it to head to Level Up!!! Thanks so much and I appreciate it!!!!!
Level Up Chiropractic
I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep the night before I went to Level Up. I felt relief immediately. I'm almost back to normal. Love love love Level Up Chiropractic!
Level Up Chiropractic
Just got done and I feel alot better than I did when I got there.Very knowledgeable and doesn't try to sell you on a package to keep coming back if it's not needed and even gave me exercises to do at home also to help out.I will definitely be going back
Level Up Chiropractic
Level Up Chiropractic
Excellent Chiropractor!!!! You don't need to make an appointment, just walk in only. You're not a number here. No rushing in and rushing out having the same chiropractic moves made on you with no results. He takes his time with you, he askes tons of questions, and he types all of your information down. You don't have to fill out anything cause he does it all. He helped me and my husband. No one around here could help my husbands scoliosis pain until we came here. My husband is a big guy. When he first saw the chiropractor he thought there's no way this guy can help me but, He DID!!!! We are going to Him next for acupuncture.
Level Up Chiropractic
Struggled with a knee issue for two years. Months of therapy, corrective exercises, knee braces and lots of supplements. The Dr. Fixed it in one session just by using pressure points. Just ran my first mile in 2 yrs with no pain. Wonderful people, caring dr and extremely thankful for what they do.
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