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Level Up Chiropractic was established in 2014 by Dr. Ryan Earnhart, D.C. Level Up Chiropractic was founded with the primary goals of glorifying God and improving whatever community we are called to serve. Dr. Earnhart, D.C. is a graduate of

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Level Up Chiropractic is located at 11 Skyview Dr. in Anderson, IN 46017. We’re on 32 between Anderson and Chesterfield across the street from the airport. If you are coming from Anderson we’ll be on the left and if you

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Information on stretches, exercises, and other home care! Scroll to the bottom to see all our topics.       Using Heat and Ice at Home This is a chart showing different regions of the body with maximum time intervals

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Some people ask how old someone has to be before they can get seen by the Chiropractor.

The answer is anytime that person has a chiropractic problem. At Level Up Chiropractic there have been patients as young as a few days old because of neck issues from the pulling and twisting that can happen during birth. We treat our little ones differently than our grown ups because their bones are still mostly cartilage, so they usually only need the same amount of pressure you can tolerate on your own eye to get a joint moving properly again.

Don't be afraid of the help we can offer you and your little ones.
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