The Doorknob Squat

This is the best video I could find to demonstrate the Doorknob Squat.  This is probably the most important exercise to keep yourself out of an assisted living home when you get older.

Here are some things to consider before trying these at home or to remember if I instructed you how to do these at the office.

  1. Remember to keep your back straight and your weight back. When I do these my front toes come off the ground because all the weight is in my heels.
  2. Whatever type of door handle you have keep a loose grip so you aren’t tempted to pull yourself up and down with your arms.
  3. If you want to work on your stability then you can take a stretchy band or bungee cord and wrap it around your knees. Fight the tension and keep your knees separated to work the outside of your thighs for a more complete workout.
  4. It is important to take this exercise slow because you want to make sure you are keeping proper form, but for my patients and anyone not trying to adhere to the “Slow Burn” regiment that is being presented here feel free to sit and rest if you need to between repetitions.
  5. How many repetitions? No more than it hurts to do. If you do it 3 times and it hurts on the 3rd time, next time only do 2. As you get stronger and feel better doing the exercise you can add more repetitions.  But there is no need to “push through the pain.” As soon as it hurts or you lose form STOP.

See Page 1 for using Hot and Cold, Page 2 for the Plank Exercise, Page 4 for the Side-Plank Exercise, Page 5 for how to make a “Peanut” roller

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