The Side-Plank Exercise

These are about the 2 best instructional videos that I’ve found on how to do the side-plank exercise.

The first video is easier to understand for most people. (Recommended for most patients.)

The second will make more sense to someone with a background in physical therapy, exercise science or another specialty in similar fields. (Recommended for my health buffs.)

For the patients I have advised to do these and anyone else at home wanting to strengthen your core for health reasons and to stabilize and relieve pain in your low back here are a few more pointers I would add to the videos.

  1. For beginners, and especially those that have had back surgeries, 10 seconds is plenty of time to hold for each repetition.  You can try to work up to 30 seconds or even a minute per repetition if you get really good at holding proper form for multiple repetitions.
  2. One thing he does not show in the first video is using your free hand to pull on your opposite deltoid (upper shoulder) to engage your lats and increase upper body stability.  Check out about 10 seconds of the second video to see what I’m talking about.
  3. As always, if it hurts STOP doing it. Don’t continue until you have talked it over with me, another chiropractor, or another Doctor in the field of medicine or physical therapy.

See Page 1 for using Hot and Cold, Page 2 for the Plank Exercise, Page 3 for the Doorknob Squat, Page 5 for how to make a “Peanut” roller

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